Photo by Maddie Powers

My name is Shelley Owens and I am a visual journalist based in southern Kentucky. I’m currently studying photojournalism and graphic design at Western Kentucky University.

I started my photography career at the age of 14. I shot my first wedding at age 15 and I’m still going strong 6 years later! With over 50 weddings under my belt now, I don’t think I’ll ever grow tired of telling wedding stories through images and video. In recent years, though, my heart and my eyes have been opened to the stories that are all around me. I like to listen and watch, I like to meet new people and explore new places, and I like to find the beauty in the seemingly mundane. There is no greater joy for me than to connect with other humans through the stories and the ideas that bind us all together.

My passion for my Creator fuels my desire to chase the light. As I grow in my craft and hone my style, I’m continually discovering new ways to blend new and edgy ideas with traditional elements. Although I work well on my own, I also love collaborating.



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